How CFI Electric Ltd. Helped A Client With A Drywall Problem

CFI ELECTRIC LTD. | Aug 06, 2018

In the field of electrical work, we often come across all types of challenges that we have to overcome. Our ability to repeatedly do so has seen the demand for our services increase over the years. Very often while providing our electrical services, we are faced with problems that beyond the realm of electricity.

At times like these, we call on our experience and knowledge to help clients find a solution to help them avoid derailing their renovation plans and send costs spiraling upwards and out of control. Keep reading to learn about how we once helped a client overcome a drywall issue while we were performing a rewiring service.

The Challenge: A wet drywall.

As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded electrical contracting company that focuses on residential and commercial work within the GTA, rewiring is routine work for us. We once had a client who hired our services for a rewiring job.

As this is one of the services we provide, we sent an electrician to the home to issue the client a free estimate for the work involved and the materials. At the time, the estimate was based on making multiple small holes in the drywall to feed the new wires through. The client accepted the terms of the contract and the estimated cost of the project, and we proceeded with the work.

On day one, the electrician assigned to the work began to cut the holes in the wall to make room to fit the cables through, so that feeding them from the electrical panel to the electrical outlets, or appliances would be a relatively easy, and streamlined process. However, we soon faced one major issue. The drywall was wet!

The reason for the drywall being wet was a supposed build up of excess moisture in the home caused by poor ventilation and incorrect installation of moisture barricades between the different layers of the wall. The moisture would result in a low-quality electrical job, which we would not permit.

The Solution: Replacing the drywall.

We explained the situation and problem we faced to the client and informed him that as the drywall was wet, mold would become an issue sooner or later. We recommended that the client tear off the drywall and properly install the vapor barrier which should have been installed the first time around.

The client called in professionals who offered a solution - all the drywall would have to be removed, and the vapor barrier installed.

At this point, we modified the contract with the client. As the drywall was removed, the rewiring turned into a rough-in. What this means, is that we actually lowered the cost of labor for the wiring as our job became significantly easier. This made the client extremely happy as he was able to pay for the new drywall from the difference he would have to pay us.

After we completed the rewiring work, we had an ESA inspector come and verify the work and issue a Certificate of Inspection confirming to the client that the work was done legally, correctly, and in accordance with Ontario Electrical Safety Code. After our work passed inspection, the client thanked us profusely, and the drywaller proceeded to complete their work.

The Bottom Line

At CFI Electric Ltd., we pride ourselves on our ability not just to detect problems but address them as well. Our ability to find a solution to a possible mold issue and resolve it left our client immensely satisfied with our work. What he was more thrilled about was that after the contract was closed, we followed up with him to learn if he was happy with our services and whether we performed our job to his expectations.

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