Hiring An Electrician In Toronto During COVID-19

CFI ELECTRIC LTD. | Jan 13, 2021

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, most countries began working on a nationwide lockdown trying to keep everyone safe. While companies and businesses temporarily shut around the world, a few moved to remote working. Soon every company that could adapt to remote working immediately hopped on the bandwagon. However, there are some industries like hospitality, construction, healthcare and mechanical work that have to be done in person and not remotely. While these businesses moved small sections of their work, like registrations and booking appointments, online, the bulk was handled in person.

The global pandemic affected everyone, especially people who need physical support from family members to get things done. COVID-19 changed how we conduct our business, specifically, the residential services we offer. It is our policy that all our staff wear PPE when interacting with customers or, upon request, we can make arrangements with customers on the work they need. There were instances where our electricians finished the project, while the customers weren’t home, to match their request.

As we anticipated, when the news broke out regarding the contagiousness of the Novel Corona Virus, potential customers were reluctant to have anyone come to their home, with slight exceptions for whether it was an emergency or not. Regardless, we treated every customer with the utmost respect by having our team wear PPE and use hand sanitizer before and after interacting with the customer and their home. We also made sure that our staff stayed home if they were feeling symptomatic, even if it was a common cold, and return to work after they were feeling 100%.

Customers can still expect our team members to show up, especially when they book an appointment, wearing a mask or a face shield to contain the spread. In addition, we maintained records of all our members and the customers that they worked with, which makes tracing people a lot easier. We don’t expect this protocol to change anytime soon and will continue to follow it as well as other guidelines set out by the Government of Canada.

Generally speaking, our communication with customers has not changed radically compared to pre-COVID times. Majority of customers still prefer to call, text, or email as necessary, and we have face-to-face interactions following physical distancing and the wearing of a facial covering from chin to nose, covering the mouth and nostrils.

As our work requires us to be physically present at the job site, our staff does not work from home. Similar to front line workers, our electricians must go to physically solve the task given to them, as we cannot complete wiring installations by email. Some handle some parts of our work, electronically, so our staff can work remotely, from their vehicles (while parked) or homes. We do everything possible to maintain the safety and well being of our team as well as our clients.

Initially, the spacing between our team members when at the office was a challenge to maintain as the rules were new, and the practice was fresh. Not more than a couple of days after adopting the new regulations, our team began to maintain physical distancing when interacting, thereby significantly reducing our chances of transmission. Our office space is quite large, and so, the use of tall plexiglass shields was not necessary, so long as our team wore their PPE when moving around the office, or interacting with each other, or clients.

Our office is currently limited to 9 people, giving each member more than 2.3 m of distance from each other member. Typically, our team goes to see the clients, and so, we don’t need to restrict the number of people entering the office space, as it is exclusively used by CFI ELECTRIC LTD personnel. Our working hours remain the same, and we are committed to 24/7 service to the GTA.

Cleanliness is the key to a great work environment, and sanitation is key to disease control. We recommend frequent hand washing for 30 seconds after entering the premises and requested the team to disinfect their work environment at the beginning of their shifts followed by every 4 hours, thereafter with a disinfectant spray, certified to be a virucide. We encourage the use of hand sanitizer whenever interacting with surfaces that are frequently touched, and hand washing is not available or accessible.

As stated earlier, we will have in-person meetings with our clients. Our meetings are in the same, safe manner as expected when dealing with a teller at a bank. Our staff will wear PPE when interacting in face-to-face situations and are committed to maintaining a safe distance, to keep our clients safe and comfortable as well.

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