A Four Point Checklist When Hiring an Electrician

CFI ELECTRIC LTD. | Mar 04, 2018

Unless you’re an expert at electrical panels, wires, outlets, and all the other electrical jargon, you should leave all electrical repairs to the pros! While doing it yourself could save you a couple of bucks, going down the DIY route risks your safety as well as turning what would have been a small problem into a very costly one.

As trained professionals, electricians are qualified professionals that can complete any emergency electrical work, troubleshoot faulty wiring, sockets or equipment, as well as take care of any short or long-term projects in your home or workplace.

While seeking the services of an electrician or electrical contractor, you must keep in mind that like all professionals, they too like to get paid the amounts you agreed to, on time. Honoring your agreement or contract might even get you a discounted price if their services are required again.

To help you pick the right professional for your home or office electrical needs, here’s a list of four must-haves to look for in an electrician.

1. Licenses.

Always ensure that your electrician is licensed to perform the work you need. This is one way the Ontario's College of Trades tries to assure clients that the electrician knows what they are doing.

2. Insurance.

An electrician should always be insured against accidental damages to a client's property. This way, the client is protected from accidental damages. For example, when drilling a hole, the electrician drills into a water pipe and floods your basement. At such times, being insured prevents the incident from burning a hole in your pockets.

3. Permits and inspections.

Often electricians will offer you the option to have the work they performed to be done under an ESA Permit and followed up with an ESA Inspection. This is always a good choice but keep in mind that it will be an additional expense to you, the client. Also, ask for copies of the correspondence, between the electrician/electrical contractor and ESA for your personal records.

4. Confidence.

Hire an electrician based on their professionalism and confidence. Go with your gut feeling on this one. Ask questions and listen carefully to the response. You as the client don't need to have any experience in the field of electrical services, just use your judgment to discern whether or not the electrician exudes confidence.

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